Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June 5
Big news for our followers in the Vancouver and Victoria area, coming up at the end of the month we have a massive Japanese car show taking place at gyro beach Victoria Canada. We will be covering the event in order to bring you all fresh and original content from the show and shine as well as our local Capital drift event which is held on the 20th of June at the Western Speedway in Langford Show'n shine vehicle entries are $10 and we encourage all to come check us out! More information about this event can be obtained at

OMG Babes!!

Harley Sportster
Triumph Chopper
Yamaha Virago
KE70 Corolla Sedan
KE70 Corolla Sedan
MK II  Celica Supra
MK II Celica Supra
RX-7 Kyusha Kai
TE72 Corolla Wagon
TE72 Corolla Wagon
AA63 Carina GT-R
MX32 Cressida MK II
GX71 MK II Grande
Coming up on our next posts will be the grand reveal of our first Cruz Kulture project car! Stay posted for the big event. Keep Cruzing!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

May 22:

We’re back baby!!

Again we apologize for our blackout period, needless to say we have left the dark ages and entered the light. Today we have a massive post for you all, it contains everything you need to forgive us. On another note, as our blog expands so does our content, this post features the first of many local drift and automotive events which are held in West Coast! Stay tuned for more original videos, pictures and playlists.
Keep on Cruzing

Mark II Cressida
Drift Empire's AE85 Levin

Drift Empire's AE85 Levin

Drift Empire's AE85 Levin Powered by a AE92 4AGZE

Drift Empire's AE85 Levin

AE86 Trueno / Levin front end

AE86 Trueno / Levin front end

AE86 Trueno / Levin front end

Slammed DC - 2
Z10 Soarer

MX- 5 

RWB Porsche 993 

S110 silvia / F30 Leopard coupe

JZX 100 Cresta

B110 Sunny


V8 Ae86 vs ke70! from gx71

Above is a short video of the first Capital Drift event of the season. We have a Supercharged 1UZ AE86 going head to head with a KE70 sedan.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Friday, 12 April 2013

Sorry for the delay

Hey guys, I know it has been way too long!!! I am in the middle of finals, will be done in a day or two and best believe I will be flooding this blog with new posts.

Again we apologize to you our beloved readers, I will be back shortly, I have not forgotten about you!!!

Keep on Cruzing